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  • What are your bylaws (rules)?
    Our bylaws can be found in PDF here: bylaws.pdf
  • How do I become a member?
    The fastest way you can join ACM is to stop at our office and speak to an officer. Our office is in GDC 3.304 near the third floor lab (the room with the ACM logo on the window). You can also attend our weekly meeting on Wednesdays, at 7:00 PM in GDC 4.302. Make sure to join our Facebook group and announcements mailing list (~1 email per week).
  • How much are the dues?
    Dues are $20 a year, and can be paid by cash or check in the ACM office. You are not an ACM member until your dues are paid. However, if you're a member of national ACM, your dues are discounted to only $5. Just come by the office and show us your current ACM membership card, or give us your member number.


  • Lockers
    UTACM rents out lockers in the 1st and 3rd floor of GDC to students on an annual basis. You can email vpinternal@texasacm.org for more information.  
  • Locker Cost
    Lockers are free for paid UTACM members or $5 for non-members per year. If you desire a larger locker, there is an additional $5 fee. To pay, visit our office (GDC 3.304) and have an officer deposit your money in the cash box and email VP Internal to confirm your payment. Alternately, pay our VP Internal directly. If you pay and decide to join UTACM later that year, $5 locker fee can go towards your membership dues
  • Locker Rental Duration
    Lockers are checked out per year, including the following summer. Locks must be removed at the beginning of the following fall semester (or upon graduation), else they are subject to being cut. Non-perishable contents of the locker will be retained for a month, after which they may be trashed, given away, etc.
  • Locker Problems
    If the locker you have been assigned to has someone else's lock on it, email VP Internal to have it removed. A warning will then go up on this locker for a couple days, and if it isn't heeded, the lock will be cut. Be sure to alert if the offending lock is removed and replaced with your own, lest yours be cut by mistake.


  • How do I become an Officer?
    Becoming an officer is easy! Just show up to the first general meeting each semester and there will be an announcement for a second meeting reserved for officer recruitment. Prospective officers must attend most of our meetings and social events.