The Oldest CS Student Organization at the University of Texas at Austin

Who are we?

The Association for Computing Machinery is a student chapter of the national ACM organization, located at the University of Texas at Austin. The organization exists to create a community for UT Computer Science students. The ACM also provides a connection between its over 200 members and corporate sponsors in order to help members obtain jobs and internships; and to help sponsors gain visibility within the UTCS community.

Largest Student Organization in the UTCS Department

What is ACM?

The Association for Computing Machinery is a student chapter of the national ACM at the University of Texas at Austin, and exists to create a community among Computer Science students and anyone interested in technology.

The ACM holds a wide range of social, professional, academic, and service events each semester. Primary events of the ACM include our annual Big Event (a barbecue and student/faculty mixer), faculty lectures, company nights, LAN parties, programming contests, and the general meeting.

Smaller, more irregular events include: movie nights, bowling nights, paintball, laser tag, tubing, broomball, and camping. There are also a few officer-only events.

Provides Members with Social, Academic and Professional Activities




We have a wide variety of opportunities for corporate sponsorship. With packages ranging from $500 to $5000, we can work with you to connect our members with your company.



We host numerous academic events for our members, including: Tutoring, Programming Competitions, and Course Advisement.



We host numerous corporate events for our members, including:  Tech Talks, Company Presentations, and Dinner Nights.



We host numerous social events for our members, including: LAN Parties, Board Game Nights, Movie Nights, Family Dinner Nights, and Paintball.

A community for CS students

Each semester we…








Social & Academic Events